You might be mesmerized by the beauty of young talented actress, Maudy Ayunda (as Kugy) on her late movie : Perahu Kertas 2. I won’t make such a movie review here but you may have notice a scene when Kugy and Keenan (Adipati Dolken) had dinner date at a kind of food truck and seems like they were having a delicious fried rice. Nah! That’s what I am wanting to share with you.

The fried rice food truck has been well-known since a long time ago. At least since I moved to Bandung in 2005, I often heard about this legendary fried rice but I never got detail information where the hell exactly the food truck is, until I watched Perahu Kertas 2 and found it is located right in front of my favorite restaurant in Braga street, Braga Permai Restaurant. How can I not notice for this long?

After a little bit disappointed watching Perahu Kertas 2 that I think not as good as the novel, together with my best friend, we would like to fill our tummy that ask to fulfill our cravings for fried rice. I guess Kugy and Keenan have to be blamed for this matter. I would say it is also coincidence cause we had just watched it in Braga city walk so we just need 5 minutes walked down the braga street to found the food truck 😀

I finally found the same food truck as I’ve seen on the big screen. A Small truck with a guy cooking fuyung hai for someone’s order while greeting us and asking what kind of food we would like to order. we sat on the wooden bench that is arranged one line along the narrow street amongst the building. Sometime the motorcycles pass behind us and its residual fuel ready to choke us up.

The guy offered us some menus like fried rice, fried kwetiauw, fuyung hai, cap cay, fried bihun, etc, but i can hardly resist to taste their crab fried rice while my bestfriend pick fried Kwetiauw as her dinner menu. 


It’s not necessary to wait too long since there just us and a couple next to us are the visitor that night. Ten minutes later our foods are ready to be served and I don’t believe that the taste isn’t that well so is my best friend’s order :(. We ended up with disappointed all over again. 

At the time I want to pay the bill, I found the braga permai chef certificate tacked on his truck. I read and I do understand now that he showed off his certificate to attract people. Braga permai is a very famous restaurant. Everybody will think that the secret of their good food lies on their chefs. Even so, why is this fried rice an exception? 

How to get here ?


Rating :

Food-wise : ★★

Place-wise : 

Price-wise : Cheap


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