If you have a chance for experiencing The Uniquely Singapore one day, never ever walk out from there before spend your most valuable S$ 1 for a piece of Walls ice cream at Orchard Rd.

Orchard Road is a 2.2 km-long street that is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. The major tourist attraction, in addition to being the most popular shopping enclave in the city-state. 

Last time I was there, I lost my desire to shop. Everywhere I go, I felt like in Plaza Indonesia, and I went to the other mall then I felt like in Pacific Place. We’re become much more similar. Yay ! So, don’t have an intention to shop for any branded stuffs in Spore moreover you live in Jakarta. You are wasting your time. But still, Orchard Rd should remain in your itinerary…. for this prestigious S$ 1 ice cream.


When you walk down the Orchard Road, you could see those uncles and aunties (nickname for the Chinee who sells ice cream) with their ice cream carts every 10 meters. Serve under the giant umbrella which covered them and the ice cream cart from the sunlight.

No necessary confuse where to exactly find the cart. Wherever you find a long queue on pathway in front of Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya), that is where it is.

The flavors are so much varies, like choco-chip, durian, raspberry, strawberry, chocolate, red bean and many more. It can be served with one piece of bread, flanked by wafers, by a cup, and also a cone. 

Choco-chip is my all-time favorite. I wish I can have it everyday in Indonesia.



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