One fine evening.

I threw my body to the mattress in my bedroom, checked all of social media accounts as I used to do after office hours. Instagram and Snapguide are top list of my concern.

Sometimes I was envy of people who’s be requested to endorse food, clothing, accessories by many online shops. All hail 87.7k followers. This kind of way is a cheap marketing yet very favorable for the sellers. Just send people who has million followers the vendibles and automatically they will post it on their instagram and say that it is so recommended to buy, write some compliments then voila ! I guess 40% of their followers will be tempted to buy it too.

Like I did after saw @andienaisyah post on that evening.

Oh my God. Are they panna cotta? 
For now, they just serve through online’s order. I suggest you to send them an e-mail to and ask them to send you the price list as you can see below.
My darling panna cotta is here. 
And I bet you want some more. Twelve packages never get enough 😀
My favorite flavor is espresso de creme. The combination is just so right. They also has a combination with baileys sauce but unfortunately it is not available during Ramadhan.
I know it was kind a bit expensive for just having a dessert. I have been expend IDR 315k for this beauty white package (include delivery charge). But I suggest you to try it even a bite and taste the sensation 😀

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