Let’s go back to almost two months ago. My daily life has been occupied by certain trainings. From 5 in the morning, start to do a pray, then sleep again (haha), had a fight cause I never want to be the first to take a shower. To be the last one means will be having more time to sleep any longer 😀 But I’d rather to be the second or the third, so I still have time for having breakfast. 

Every single day, from breakfast – lunch – also dinner, we are served by hotel’s menu which oh-my-God-I-can’t-stand-any-longer if I have to see those boiled eggs and stir-fry bean sprouts everyday. It such a mood destroyer. 

I don’t really remember why that day was finished earlier. In a flash, we all know that it was the right time for having a proper food. Went to Grand Indonesia it was then.

Accompanied by my room mates, we took a bus to GI. It took more than an hour to get there. Then we straight to the third floor, food court, and yeah I know it was a sunny day and the sun shines through the window. Eat a bowl of Pho wouldn’t be a sin, right?



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