Since I am no longer live in the southern Jakarta, let’s heading to the north and join me exploring foods along the boulevard road. And the first place which caught my eyes was this one. Manon. Sounds like I will be ‘manon’ along the day if you still didn’t pick up my phone. (Read : manyun) . Ok. Forget it. :p


Taadaa …

It wasn’t the first time I heard about this place. I’ve ever read some review from other bloggers mentioned this place is famous enough in the northern. They have their own chocolate shop at Jl. Kelapa Nias Raya, Blok GN No.6 Kelapa Gading, but you can also find their mini shop at MKG 3, like I did a few days ago.


You will dissolve in imagination when looking at the cake at the right side. AH. Is it tuxedo?

When I still live in the south, I’ve made a promise if one day I have a chance and guts to go to north and find manon –like you know it is so far awaaaay and it won’t become my visit list since south will provide me billion great foods- I know what should I look for. Yes. The eclairs.  Some people say that Manon has eclairs which worth to taste. I am curious with that since I have two favorite eclairs in mind (at Starbucks and Beard Papa’s). Will this defeat my favorites? 


                                     Choco Eclairs (IDR 17k)


                                Vanilla Almond Eclairs (IDR 17k)

The answer is NO. 

Those two weren’t automatically add to become my favorite list. The puff doesn’t have a soft texture, the fill (either chocolate or vanilla) weren’t suit my tongue. It’s big no for me. For the same price I would love to go to Starbucks and purchase their Sumatera Eclair. That’s comforting. But you still go find manon for their macaroons or other cakes or their frappes. Well, I’ll be back for the review once I buy it.

Where you can find it?

Jl. Kelapa Nias Raya, Blok GN No.6 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara

Mall Kelapa Gading 3 Lt Dasar Unit G No. 28A (In front of Food Hall)



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