Becoming a food blogger (if I might say hehe) changes the way I think about food. Most of people eat because they like those food, or probably because they are craving for certain food to boost up their energy. It doesn’t matter for them to eat one kind of food for a whole week. In the contrary, it comes not that simple for me. As could as possible I want to eat at different places everyday. Tasting any kind of food a restaurant can offer. Anyhow, I might be tired of thinking (sometime), deciding what kind of food I’d like to review after that. Moreover, I have no idea where to go to eat and find such a satisfactory (taste and money) in this town (Bandung for this matter) anymore. If someone ask me “what is your favorite food?” Well, I need much time to answer it wisely. I prefer to mention some food I don’t like so the rest will be my favorite :p One day, when I spent my holiday in Bandung in the mid Oct, my friend asked me whether I know about satay’s food truck that took place beside Suis Butcher Riau.

Of course I know.

When you walk down along Jl. Riau (L.L R.E Martadinata Street), you should find one of  its branch named Anggrek Street. Right at the junction you would find a magical food truck. The truck sometime hidden beneath a cloud of smoke. Too many orders at a time since it started to open from 5 pm, and the delicious satays are ready to be grilled.

There are 3 kind of satay you can order. Lamb satay, beef satay, and chicken satay. I prefer to mix 5 skewer of lamb and 5 skewer of chicken, a plate of hot rice, and my other favorite thing here is a bowl of Soto Sulung. Damn! It will really suits your tongue.  Soto Sulung itself has a rich seasoning with a half of boiled egg, beef viscera, cabbage, etc,etc.

… Our orders that night..


One thing I want to share with you. Since the first time I know this place (when I was in High School), many mystical stories refer to this food. Some people who could see the other ‘world’ said that they are helped by other ‘creatures’ to make this food to be in demand. Well, whether it is true or not, I really don’t care. You still have to taste it. The price I would say it is sooo cheap. 

Rice + 10 skewers (mix) = IDR 12 K

Soto Sulung = IDR 10 K 

Soooo, let’s have a mystical experience !



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