Everybody would loves ice cream. That sweetness, softness, coldness you can’t resist. You must be missed something melted softly in your mouth sometime. The one of most kids’ favorite thing would be your most wanted thing too. It was like your best friend, you know you can get calm when you happened to meet them.

Back in my childhood time, my momma was a crazy ice cream lover. She loved to mix any kind of thing to be freezed. Named it: mung bean, tutty frutty, red bean, black glutinous rice, etc, etc. That was a simple ice cream (even it doesn’t content cream at all) to be made. It called es lilin (candle ice), even it doesn’t looks like a candle though haha. Simply milo with a full spoon of milk and water could be an addiction. Still with the same ingredients but a different media. She bought such a popsicle mold, which the cap acts as a stick if the water gets hardened.

Those experiments increase with a bunch of help of mixer. She started to make an ice cream from ice cream powder. Just pour it down with cold water and get help mixed by mixer. The longer it mixed, the softer texture it then. Sometime she added much toppings like choco chips, smarties, and other chocolate balls. Well, the vanilla choco chip was one of my favorite.

It was 2007. I went to my dream university (where eventually spent my great time there for my undergraduate and graduate study), at the moment they held an education fair with the aim of introducing faculties that exist in uni to the upcoming students. For the very first time, I came to that event and excited when visited school of biological science and technology (well SITH I mean) booth. Their sophomores were demonstrate with something that I have just realized was Liquid Nitrogen. The visitor got a free spoon of liquid nitrogen ice cream then. It was yummy, soft, seemed easy to make… and so instant !

Nowadays, a new breakthrough in culinary world named gastronomy molecular begin happening in our country. A subdiscipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur while cooking. A well-known yet not so much fancy but so expensive restaurant (that till now I still looking for a partner to be my company for tasting their IDR 900k packet menu) still be a curiosity. However, we can experience with one of a kind of gastronomy molecular thing called Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. The gastronomy molecular food usually use a modern tools to make one recipe. Something that make it more sophisticated is the way that chef using the technic and presenting skill. Kitchen was like a laboratory for them, and cooking tantamount to doing experiment.


Other culinary that I listed in my food journey list was this place. Lately I know, they opened their gelato shop in Grand Indonesia. When I went to GI a few weeks ago with my first year pals, we finally had a chance to get seats there (since everybody looked curious with their gelato and too crowded in fact).


The first sight I stared the menu and price. Hmm, I am not expecting the price is that expensive. The gelato flavor not so much varies, you can see at picture above.

This gelato shop accentuates their laboratory theme. A cup of gelato be equipped with a tube of injection which filled with cream cheese, espresso, or chocolate. Only two menus include a filled injection in one packet, the rest we have to order additional filled injection and it costs IDR 8k.

Four of us just order two gelatos and enjoyed it together. A cup of it consists of 3 scoop of gelato. Well, it is too much for having it solely.


This is red velvet gelato with cream cheese injection. It costs around IDR 60k.


Our other gelato is avocado with espresso injection. The price is around IDR 55k. Fortunately, we got 20% off when purchase it hihi.

What I happy about the taste is they are not mainstream even though I couldn’t resist the sweetness. The injection sometimes made the taste balanced. The red velvet is too sweet yet the cream cheese made it balanced with its saltiness.



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